Sandra Tavares is an experienced Biomedical Communicator focused not only on producing attractive and innovative visuals, but on producing materials that effectively communicate complex topics and stimulate comprehension. Her portfolio includes projects involving healthcare education, marketing, brand development, illustrations, 3D animations, multimedia tools, photography and more. To discuss how Sandra can bring your next concept to life, please send an email to

Unsolicited reviews:

“We are so appreciative of all your talent! You have made our materials look better than we ever could have dreamed – they are beautiful, professional and engaging!”  Senior Director, Recovery Services, Canadian Red Cross

“You are wildly talented and by far the most amazing person I have worked with in this space. You have no idea what a difference you are making and how incredible you are.” General Counsel, Canadian Red Cross

“You are irreplaceable! It’s not just your talent, but your attitude toward your work and your willingness to help out, even at the last minute.”  Manager, Professional Practice, Trillium Health Partners 

“You are so efficient and attentive you make me feel (and probably every other client) as though you are completely focused only on my work. I know you have other work to do. Thank you very much and especially for catching those things that slipped by us.”  Director, International Partnerships, Canadian Red Cross

“You have been so amazing. I am so lucky to work with you.” Conference Manager, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

Short bio:

Sandra holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto in Canada. She has worked extensively in this field designing visual materials for medical education, health promotion and scientific discovery. Before working as a freelance Designer, she held the position of Graphic Designer, Biomedical Communicator and Photographer at Canada’s largest academically affiliated hospital, Trillium Health Partners.

Sandra’s designs have been internationally recognized, including her educational medical animation on shaken baby syndrome. Her work was published in The Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine and featured in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigative documentary television program, The Fifth Estate. Her video is currently being utilized internationally as an educational tool in various hospitals, universities and medical-legal cases.

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